Our services

Our services are tailor-made to suite your requirements. We love to work with small companies that are just starting out and wondering how to best enter the field of essential oils and natural product development. We also help larger, established companies to meet their specific requirements in new product development, reformulation and sourcing needs.


Custom Blending

Are you looking to develop a line of aromatherapy products or natural perfumes? We can help you in concept design and blending your own proprietary blends that will meet you and your customers needs. Custom blending usually starts with finding out your ideas and requirements, then developing specific goals. Next we will create sample blends that will be further refined based on your feedback. The goal is to create effective products that meet your needs and your budget and that evoke the desired response in your clientele.

2Scent Design

If you are creating body care products, candles, soaps or other natural products we can design the scented portion of your formula. Sometimes the scented portion is just that – a beautiful aroma, other times we will create functional formulations that create specific responses be they emotional, mental, physical or spiritual in nature. We are at home in all aspects of creating beauty by using beautiful ingredients that are inline with your goals and objectives.


One of the keys to creating excellence in product manufacture is sourcing the best quality raw materials. Likewise, if one is selling pure essential oils they must have the best quality at fair and reasonable pricing. We are adept at all aspects of the world trade in essential oils and work with distillers and extractors around the world. We will you assess your needs and then make specific recommendations, and secondary /tertiary recommendations for your essential oil list. Regarding essential oils we only work with whole, pure, undiluted, true, essential oils from trustworthy suppliers. Our specialty is certified organic and artisan distilled essential oils but we work with the bigger companies too as they sometimes are the specialists in certain essences (such as specialty absolutes for perfumery). In any case, we strive to get you better quality essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, resinoids, organic extracts, etc. at better pricing than you are now sourcing.


Essential Oil Synergy workshops can be customized to fit your needs, whether they be the application of essential oils, safety, blending /product creation, learning about adulteration and how to source quality, how to increase our olfactory knowledge. We have worked one on one by mentoring as well as conducted classes.


We can also help you with the business of working in the business of essential oils. This may include graphics, design, name selection, product packaging ideas, importing, quality control, etc. Basically, we want to see your business flourish and for it to meet your goals and are here to help with that.