Our Clients

Working with companies that are truly attempting to create beautiful and functional products using only the finest essential oils – especially those that also have a commitment to the environment – has been a wonderful aspect of my involvement in the essential oil field. I hope to be able to continue creating a synergy with companies such as these and to continue to be involved in innovative product development.

Below are a few of my favorite companies and ones that I have been fortunate to be able to work with sharing my knowledge of essential oils in product development, sourcing and business development. Some of my involvement in these projects took place in the past while others are on going. I am thankful to all my past clients and to those who are yet to come!

Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation created a line of functional cleaning products featuring pure, whole essential oils in 2007. It was a pleasure and an honor to participate with this project. They produce the best scented cleaning products primarily due to their vision and ethics and also due to the exceptional quality of the essential oil formulations.

Pangea Organics


Pangea Organics is a bodycare company with a holistic vision and a desire to create the finest products utilizing only the finest ingredients. Their products have won numerous, well-deserved awards. They create beautiful, luscious skin and bodycare products and they were a wonderful company to be involved with.

Nectar Essences



Nectar Essences is a natural remedy company utilizing aromatherapy products to support people in their daily life. Jenny Pao is a friend and pioneer and a lover of natural healing. Nectar Essences is innovative young company and helping to move true aromatherapy into the mainstream.

Tata Harper Skincare



Tata Harper Skincare is a natural bodycare company that relies on certified organic essential oils for their unique formulations. They also have their own farm in Vermont where they grow flowers and herbs for their products and perform their own production and bottling. Tata Harper Skincare is one of my all-time favorite bodycare companies.

Eden Botanicals


Eden Botanicals is one of the best mid-sized essential oil companies that specialize in high quality essential oils at fair and reasonable pricing, packaged with great customer service and knowledgeable staff. Eden Botanicals specializes in rare and unique essential oils while still carrying a full line of common essential oils, all at wholesale pricing.

Ananda Apothecary




Ananda Apothecary is a well-known and well-loved essential oil company primarily focused on therapeutic essential oils and formulas in retail sized bottles. Their customers are aromatherapists who rely on quality and fair pricing, as well as those who seek natural health for themselves and their family through the use of essential oils and healthy lifestyle choices.

Veriditas Botanicals



I consider Veriditas Botanicals the premier wellness oriented line of essential oils sold through health food stores and apothecaries in North America. The essential oils and wellness formulas are 100% certified organic and the owner Melissa Ferris sources essential oils from the finest distilleries around the world with a focus on artisan distillers in France.

Sandalwood Oil Specialist


The Sandalwood Oil Specialist is a project that I conceived, managed and implemented for my client. It is a website dedicated to all aspects of the sandalwood tree including its botanical, horticultural, environmental and scientific as well as historical and cultural attributes. Detailed information of sandalwood essential oil and how it is used is also presented.